Hey whore! It’s the Disco Wizards!

Ladies & bitches, don’t take it personal, but the Disco Wizards have released their first EP. The who? Well, the Disco Wizards are -surprise surprise- 2 youngsters from Perth. Not Australia, but Scotland this time.

Go check out Black which is a must for your playlist! It starts off with a very Daft Punkelesque clock tower bang, and then goes into full overdrive.

Disco Wizards

Disco Wizards

The EP “Tiny Moments Of Milk & Jesus” contains 3 tracks which you can pre-listen here (I will not post the full tracks, sorry guys)

Hey Whore! – Disco Wizards (preview)

DiscoW – Disco Wizards (preview)

Black (Club Edit) – Disco Wizards (preview) *recommended*

Go buy the EP on Beatport and let’s hope they don’t drop out of school. 🙂

Here are 2 remixes they shared for the fans:

Ares (Disco Wizards Remix) – Bloc Party (320kbps – mediafire)
Romance (Disco Wizards Remix) – Oh Shit! (320kbps – mediafire)



~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on April 21, 2009.

One Response to “Hey whore! It’s the Disco Wizards!”

  1. Massive E.P. !

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