Le disco: Digital Dirt with Djedjotronic, D.I.M. and Bodyspasm (+video)

Bodyspasm @ Digital Dirt

Bodyspasm @ Digital Dirt

Digital Dirt is a cool party concept giving both Belgian and International electro DJs, producers and live bands a stage to show off their latest tunes.

We witnessed Bodyspasm, Pieter & Sebastiaan Steeno, 2 brothers from Leuven, giving a show on mainstage. The energetic spastic vocalist has seen The Subs too many times I agree, but the sound is more than ok with filthy synth bass lines and vocal effect, and reminded me of that other Belgian band Goose. Way to go guys! Hang in there!

Next up Frenchie Djedjotronic, the latest transfer to the Boys Noize label clan. Erol Alkan and SebastiAn are already fan of this guy, so we were very curious. His set started off with some retro techno, but then went into full rave taking the crowd for an energetic ride.

Yes, we like Djedjotronic, impressive set, nicely built-up. He also made a remix of Tiga’s Shoes, but there is more to discover:

Dirty & Hard (Boys Noize’ Jump If You’re An Idiot Remix) – Djedjotronic feat Spoek
Dirty & Hard (Keatch remix) – Djedjotronic

Dirty & Hard (Stereoheroes remix) – Djedjotronic feat. Spoek

Next up…Shadow Dancer. Not. Shadow Dancer missed his plane or whatever his excuse was. Last time we went to see Proxy, he didn’t show up neither. Last year Uffie cancelled 2 hours before the show…that was cool! 🙂
Anyway, I think I’m gonna organize a party, put Daft Punk and Justice on the flyer, and hang a little sign like this at the entrance.



Finally D.I.M., the big headliner and known for his 2008 club hit “Is You” and loads of good remixes. The question was: “can he spin the decks?”
The answer: (Honestly but with pain in the heart) No, I was not impressed. Using Traktor did not give him the punch we expected from the aggressive sound producing German on the Boys Noize label. Luckily his hit collection saved his ass, ’cause he certainly doesn’t have the skills of a Djedjotronic or a Boys Noize himself.

And these tees are cool.

Waste Your Weekend

Waste Your Weekend

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on April 25, 2009.

One Response to “Le disco: Digital Dirt with Djedjotronic, D.I.M. and Bodyspasm (+video)”

  1. Ahh. I really thought D.I.M was going to be incredibly good on the decks. I would have thrown bottles if Shadow Dancer didn’t show up though. I would be so mad!

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