Waxdolls’ debut album is a high speed killer ride!

Hello peeps!

Time for some Belgian promo: Waxdolls. If you know Soulwax, Goose, Shameboy, The Subs, then we’ve definitely got something fresh for you. Lieven Dermul & Wim Slabbinck (a sexologist!) are Waxdolls, a promising electropunk band from Ghent, Belgium.
Two boys and some toys on a mission!

Their debut album “High Speed Killer Ride” was produced by Luuk Cox (Shameboy) and was released earlier this week.

High Speed Killer Ride, Waxdolls debut album

High Speed Killer Ride, Waxdolls' debut album

Loads of punk & synths, and a good live reputation. That’s all you need to make it through the festival summer.

Waxdolls are a must-see, so try to be at one of their gigs as they are certainly worth experiencing. I’ve spotted a party night where they will be supporting Erol Alkan, so that’s 2-for-1. (Petrol Club, Antwerp on the 23rd May ’09)

Want a preview on how they perform live?
Check a 49min live concert @ the AB, Brussels in fine quality right here:

And here’s some (downloadable) candy for you:

Chips – Waxdolls (download removed by request)

Favorite Girl – Waxdolls (download removed by request)




~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 1, 2009.

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