Polsslag 2009: Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn & Crookers (update!)

Polsslag Line Up

Polsslag Line Up

Okay I admit, we didn’t stay until upper queer Tiga started his set. Tiga is a great producer, but we don’t like him that much as a dj. No hard -euh- feelings though.

Anyhow, Polsslag was pretty convincing with Mr. Oizo & SebastiAn spinning the decks, followed by Crookers & Tiga. Fake Blood was pretty fake indeed, playing rather boring tracks, but he did manage to get the (easy and very young) crowd moving. So maybe it’s just me.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Mr. Oizo.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Mr. Oizo.

Yes! SebastiAn finally revealed some new and fresh tracks in his set (thank god!), but selected at least 6 or 7 songs Mr. Oizo played just 15 min before him. Rather weird when you’re almost touring together. He did end with his selfmade edit of RATM…and that’s a classic already.

RATM shirts for all generations.

RATM shirts for all generations.

Hard rock & metal finally go electro! Check this one from Iggor Cavalera and one of DDN’s favourites! Also in SebasiAn’s set.
Mixhell – Boom Da (Les Petits Pilous) feat Jen Lasher & Oh Snap!! (mediafire)

Mr. Oizo...thinking of playing Clouseau?

Mr. Oizo...thinking of playing Clouseau?

Cool insider: If you’re from Belgium or Holland you should know our local heroes called Clouseau, and even Mr. Oizo seemed to like it. Check the video below.

We got back home before Tiga finished his set, no Booka Shade, half a Crooker, but you can’t have it all, what a weekend. Thank God for power food & drinks!
Next week we really ought to go to a veggie festival.

Weekend Survival Kit

Weekend Survival Kit

Official Polsslag pics & reviews of that night? Go to www.polsslag.be

A lot of people have been asking about the Oizo track in the video.
Here you go: Golden Skans To Interzone (SoMe remix) – Klaxons

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Polsslag 2009: Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn & Crookers (update!)”

  1. whats this beef with Tiga? lol. How could you leave before Tiga?! his new album sucks, but still!

    • I’m sure he’ll be back very soon. We get to see him quite a few times in Belgium + he’s boring as a dj. But, if you like him, that’s ok with us. Hey man, 2 festival nights in 3 days…gimme a break 😉

  2. BORING?! Ah! He’s one of the top DJ’s in the world. But it truly does depend on what kind of electro you like : /
    3 days. thats badass, but we’ve been up longer! : D

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