Free Bloggers Release: Daft Punk ‘Remix After All’

The music industry is definitely changing. Check this out, some famous blogs have just launched their proper Daft Punk Remix Album! What a great initiative!

Released by bloggers: Remix After All

Released by bloggers: "Remix After All"

The idea
10 likeminded bloggers got together to create their remix compilation of the classic Daft Punk album, Human After All.

Each individual blog/blogger chose one track from the album and then selected a producer we felt would work their magic to the utmost potential. Here’s the track list/blog owners.

The result?
1. Human After All (The Disco Villains Remix) // Disco Demons
2. The Prime Time Of Your Life (Tits & Clits Remix) // Data Sapiens
3. Robot Rock (Immuzikation Remix) // The Cold Cut
4. Steam Machine (The Company Kang Remix) // Cream Team
5. Make Love (Chew Fu and Substantial Small Room Sax Fix) // Sheena Beaston
6. The Brainwasher (Melee Beats Remix) // Danger! Danger!
7. On/Off (The Noizy Kidz Daft Zapping Remix) // The Lemur Blog
8. Television Rules The Nation (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) // Noise Porn
9. Technologic (Kids At The Bar Remix) // Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion (Werewolf By Night Remix) // Binary

Download the complete album for free!
Daft Punk – Remix After all (full free album)

And finally a big shout out to all the bloggers above, producers & geniuses that made this possible. Thank YOU!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 21, 2009.

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