Soulwax presents: Die Verboten

The rumour about a new Soulwax band or side project has been hanging around since 2007, but now it seems we’re finally gonna get something. “Die Verboten” is the name of a the collaboration between Soulwax, Feargadelic & Riton.

The EP is called: Live in Eivissa, which actually means Live in Ibiza.

They’ ll be releasing this on very exclusive scale; only 300 vinyls in production @ 30 £ (auch!) Buy here

Official Release date: June 29th

A. Live In Eivissa
B. Exclusive etching

Die Verboten: Live in Eivissa

Die Verboten: Live in Eivissa

I’m sure it won’t take long before those tracks will be spread all over the web. ‘Cause whenever Soulwax touches something, we all wanna see if it turns into gold. On the other hand, this could sound very very different to what we all know from Soulwax.
So you’d better be prepared for some space tunes.

This is what the “product description” says…

• ‘Live In Eivissa’ is the world-wide debut release by Die Verboten, an audio-visual side-project that can best be described as ‘space music’, bringing together the musical and visual talents of Soulwax, Riton and Fergadelic.
• Die Verboten is a project that uses the studio as a compositional machine & a sound laboratory; a project that integrates sound & image.
• This hand-numbered and stamped first edition includes an exclusive, 12″ vinyl-only release of ‘Live In Eivissa’, an 18-minute epic recorded in Ibiza, on the A-side, and a unique laser-etched artwork on the B-side.
• Also included is a unique ‘pop-up’ pyramid artwork whose geometric configuration is designed to focus the deep cosmic powers of the vinyl housed inside.
• Created by artist Fergadelic, the folding pyramid features tapestry artwork and treated photographs taken at the Die Verboten recording sessions in Ibiza.
• Inner sleeve also features exclusive artwork, and a list of all the analogue synthesizers and studio kit used in the sessions.
• ‘Live In Eivissa’ pressed on super-heavyweight 200-gram 12″ vinyl crafted on the legendary EMI 1400. (euh what? mp3 you mean? 🙂
• Available to pre-order now, this edition is limited to only 300 copies worldwide!
• Estimated shipping date June 29, 2009.

About the making of:

Recording: As the name suggests, ‘Live In Eivissa’ was recorded in live in Ibiza. “We had a mini-studio set up by the pool outside, with a mixing desk, synths, sequencers, guitars and drums,” recalls Fergadelic of the Die Verboten recording sessions. “We work in a very angst-free way anyway and working in Ibiza we had the added dimension of recording outdoors, in the warm in a really beautiful environment with a whole bunch of people hanging out there. I’ll never forget recording outside as the sun was setting. Most Balearic.”

Musical influences: “Various continental European music, like kraut, new beat, cosmic, N.D.W, Vangelis (especially his ‘Earth’ album!), Balearic, French stuff (from Heldon to Plastic Bertrand), etc. We love Neu!, Can, Kraftwerk, Ashra, Harmonia, Peter Baumann, Michael Bundt, Lilienthal, Achim Reichel, Harald Grosskopf, Klaus, the Tangerines, Amon Duul II, Popul Vuh, Faust, La Dusseldorf, Phantomband and pretty much anything on the Sky, Brain and Innovative Communication labels.”

Production: Hand-crafted by The Vinyl Factory, this limited edition has been produced to the very highest standards here in the UK. All our vinyl is pressed using the finest machinery in the world, the EMI 1400 press, with the most advanced mould ever made.

“The mere fact that it took two years for this piece of music to surface, shows the infinite love we have for the concept of ‘space’.”
Die Verboten

Anyone who can fetch me the EP/teaser before the release date? 🙂

Let’s record something at the pool…should be fun!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Soulwax presents: Die Verboten”

  1. Love it..

    I heard there will be a 30 second clip loaded up on the Vinyl Factory site in the next day or two. Sweet.


    • Hey Raphael,
      Looking at your e-mail address tells me you know what you are talking about. 😉
      You can always mail it to us for additional promo, if you like.

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