Goose + Justice = Waxdolls?

OMG! I have the feeling we’ve witnessed the next-2-man-band-that-will-rock-the planet yesterday at Petrol!

Check it out yourself…I’ve posted before on Waxdolls, but this is the real shit, Waxdolls live @ Petrol, Antwerp. Awesome!

Favourite Girl

And this encore does remind me of Justice

Their debut album came out a few weeks ago…recommended stuff!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Goose + Justice = Waxdolls?”

  1. They were awesome!

  2. Haha. I saw them and found them a big fat nid & sancy ripoff + the bass synths are stolen from goose. in short they might be new but what they do i think certainly is not new.

  3. @ Jessy. I see your point…and you might be right. But while Goose will wait at least another year before launching a new album, it doesn’t hurt to launch another Belgian talent out there, even if it’s the same style as Goose. I agree they are not ultra original, but it sounds good anyway, even live.

  4. Hi DDD I just feel they dont bring anything new. Plus i was more talking about NID & SANCY (where waxdolls seem to take heavy influence from) then GOOSE. Anyway. Saw them once and found them ok but also very unoriginal. with so many good records coming out who needs a goose nid and sancy / soulwax ripoff. but i see your point as well so we are all in peace. very very good blog keep up the good work.

  5. @ Jessy: Everybody has the right to have an opinion. And a little pushback doesn’t hurt, certainly when it makes sense. By the way, mgmt from Waxdolls discovered about this blog too and asked me to remove immediately all download links to Waxdolls songs if not blablablah and we’d be all in jail, etc. (I guess that cools down our love too, as we only do that to support bands that NEED the support 😉

    Thanks for your comments, really appreciate it. There is no law that says we need to agree on everything. Not yet that is. (*grin*)
    So feel free to drop suggestions anytime.
    Take care.

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