Da doo doo doo da Dada Life!

Just do the Dada is the name of Dada Life‘s debut album. “Dada Life? So what? Fuck off!”
I can hear ya’. And an artist with such a name usually ends up in the Trash within seconds, but this time we’ll make an exception. So be quiet and OBEY cause it’s worth it.

This is actually an OBEY cap, but I bet you're not focussing, Daniel San!

This is actually an OBEY cap, but I bet you're not focussing, Daniel San! (The chick is only here to keep you 'reading')

We’ve officially received a Dada LIfe mixtape with a tasty setlist + the first single track of the album. All for free.
“But free comes with a dick up your ass!”.
Well, not this time, Johnny!

Grab the free mix – it’s more than OK. It’s not bad. It’s even fine, you’ll be surprised. Trust me. It’s not raw as f*ck, but hey, it’s summertime, so start smiling.

Download Dada Life’s May Mixtape 44’15” (mediafire)

Tiga – Shoes (Mr Oizo Remix)
Unconditional – Gladiators (Nari & Milani Remix)
Curses! – The Deep End (Bart B More Remix)
Prodigy – No Good (Dimitri Vegas Bootleg Mix)
Dada Life – Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Malente’s Wasted Kidz & Wacky Mix)
Diplo & Afrojack – How I Like It
Djedjotronic feat.Spoek – Dirty and Hard (Boys Noize Remix)
Albin Myers – Times Like These (Dada Life Remix)
Proxy – Raven (Crookers Remix)
Dada Life – Cheap Thrills For A Lost Generation (12″ Edit)
Designer Drugs – Zombies (Bird Peterson Remix)
Don Diablo – Get on the floor (Don Diablo’s Just Begun Edit)
The Bloody Beetroots Feat Steve Aoki – WARP 1.9

The album is planned for September 9th 2009, so that’s still quite a while. On the other hand, this mixtape & single made me curious!

Happy Hands! Happy Feet! (mediafire)

And the video…is great! Wrestling freaks in overload…DDNs like that. Crowdsurfing is definitely OUT, so let’s wrestle!


~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on May 29, 2009.

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