Sonar 2009 preview 2: Filastine

Sonar 2009 - 18.19.20 June, Barcelona

Sonar 2009 - 18.19.20 June, Barcelona

Sonar just refused our international press accreditations, but honestly we did not expect otherwise. It won’t spoil the fun, ’cause in the end, ninjas don’t need a pass or VIP member card to enter the room, do they?

Dirty Bomb by Filastine

Today’s intro might come as a surprise and is about an artist that recently (say: a few hours ago) caught my attention thanks to the heavy strings and impressive imagery in his videos. His sound kinda struck me immediatly during a quick listening session: Filastine

Filastine and his track “Singularities” instantly blew me away. Apparently the guy has already launched his 2nd album “Dirty Bomb” so that explains a lot. About time to get famous I’d say.

Here’s the track that did it for me. Welcome to a nervous, electronic new world order, influenced by middle east percussions & eclectic hiphop breakbeats; this is something for the open-minded music lover.

Singularities –
Filastine (mediafire)

and this one I just bought on iTunes to share with you
Fitnah – Filastine (mediafire)

Filastine is more than the ordinary button-tweeker, the guy also has some very in-your-face political views (he ain’t Bono yet so it’s ok ;-)), you can read all about it on his personal blog (he refers to MySpace as TheirSpace), and calls his blog the “Observations on the Beginning of the End of the World”. We warned ya.

His blog: Filastine Frequency

Here’s a great recording of a live gig in Tokyo 26th of April!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on June 9, 2009.

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