Dashiki Johnson will “Drive” you(r) nuts!

Amongst all these Sonar posts, we’d almost forget about our local electro talents. Today we present Dashiki Johnson, 2 brothers from another mother (they’re from Aalst so that’s kinda normal), who have been into rock music before they got obsessed by electronic music. (like Soulwax, Goose, Justice, Daft Punk, etc. is it the magic recipe?)

Dashiki Johnson

Dashiki Johnson

I found a nice track in the dropbox that has some Kavinsky in it, but then goes its own way. The boys from Dashiki Johnson are working on their debut album and there might be a video for Dashiki Drive in the making. During live sets they are covered by a visual artist, making it a real audio visual show. Here’s their latest track offered for free!

Dashiki Drive – Dashiki Johnson (mediafire)

If that’s all bollocks to you, then check out this naked butt and legs.

Dirty Crossdresser – Dashiki Johnson

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~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on June 15, 2009.

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