Estación Sonar 2009: the final countdown

Sonar. There’s so much to see. I’m sure we’re gonna miss some of the excitement anyway. We’ve booked just 1 night in a “hostal” for about 20 euros on Thursday night. And from Friday around lunchtime ’till Sunday morning we’ll be down and out in Barcelona. Raving on beats, ron Barcelo (which is actually from the Dominican Republic) & RedBull.

Due to lack of time, these h(er)oes have not been previewed….so in 1 line each:
Beardyman will do his astonishing mic trics.
Deadmau5, he’s a must…getting better every time.
Crookers will own the place and totally shake up Sonar.
Brodinsky will be pounding hard, next to SebastiAn while watching and learning from the master.
Erol Alkan will present his funky tiny pink Disco 3000 outfit. (WTF happened to Mustapha 3000?)
And if Sinden doesn’t bring his Kid Sister, I’m not going.
Buraka Som Sistema will show off their exotic bam bam, and become world famous afterwards.
Don Rimini will start at 5.30 in the morning, when we’re all stiff & waisted on churros. Putain/joder!
Busy P will be playing his traditional party set & introduce some new faces of the Ed Banger crew.
La Roux and Little Boots will pretend they’re the coolest bitches at Sonar, just because Uffie ain’t there.
And Richie Hawtin is gonna tweet all of his followers during the set, letting them know he wants a shag after the show.

Finally, DDN will be back on Sunday…dead or alive.

And if you’re reading this right now…you’re probably stayin’ home, just like u-u-u Uffie off course.
Uffie Live @ Sonar 2007 (mediafire)

Sonar 2009 - 18.19.20 June, Barcelona

Sonar 2009 - 18.19.20 June, Barcelona

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Estación Sonar 2009: the final countdown”

  1. They ARE the coolest bitches though

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