Sebastian’s Maskerade: Live @ Sonar 2009

We’re back from Sonar, dirty boys & girls! Still a bit dizzy from the trip but you’ll be getting a collection of reviews as soon as possible. Here’s SebastiAn!

The main reason why folks will remember the SebastiAn show @ Sonar 2009 is when Busy P started handing out masks to the crowd. That’s the moment when SebastiAn suddenly appeared with his mask (cover of the Ross Ross Ross EP) behind the decks. Check out this video

Sebastian’s Maskerade…at Sonar 2009

As Justice left the Ed Banger crew, guess who’s the upcoming man? It’s SebastiAn. For sure the best producer of Ed Banger, and skilled behing the decks. For those who have been into Ed Banger from the start, well, the SebastiAn story is going in exactly the same direction. DJs that are going “live” behind a mystique wall.

On the other hand, you can ask yourself 2 questions:

– What’s ‘live’? Is it Ableton Live?
– Can Ed Banger sell us the same story twice?

Don’t get me wrong, Sebastian gets credit for his mixing skills and huge productions, but as I said in the beginning, it seems we have seen this story before. Busy P/Pedro Winter is a good marketeer and I’m sure he’s getting away with this again.

SebastiAns logo became a mask on Sonar 2009

SebastiAn's logo became a mask at Sonar 2009

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on June 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Sebastian’s Maskerade: Live @ Sonar 2009”

  1. […] Crookers & Don Rimini raving at Sonar 2009! Damn you Sonar, putting SebastiAn, Erol Alkan (Disco 3000) and Crookers on the same timeslot on Saturday night, followed by Don Rimini and Brodinski. Let’s stick to the best moments, and you’ve already seen SebastiAn in the previous post. […]


  3. Sebastian will always be my favorit raving lunatic !!!!

  4. Great vids indeed guys. I’m glad you got to bask in the greatness of SebastiAn’s greatness

  5. Did someone find this live in mp3 ?
    I was there and it was so awsome !

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