Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja: Friday, July 24th!

Free entry, cheap beer and the venue might look like a sh*t h*le. But at least, it’s a party breathing out the right attitude. So f*ck those cava-sipping, cigare-sucking, golf-playing bourgeoisie scum -de Louis Vuitton- bags, and get you’re dirty ninja asses overhere.

If you like Crystal Castles and shop at American Apparel, this is a must-check-out for local talents! You’ll be added some extra coolness points!

Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja24th July @ PaNique d’O, Mechelen
= an electro punk party with Three Cheers For Dirty, Tex Taiwan, Cat Coccinelle, Human Electric and Cheesy Cliché performing live, and Lauro Maxim concluding the party with a DJ set. Place to be is the basement of local bar Panique D’O

Place to be: Korenmarkt 10, Mechelen
Doors: at 21h

Entrance is entirely FREE!

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragin Ninja

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragin Ninja

In case you can’t make it, let me convince you with some very fine tunes. I admit I never heard of these bands, but  that’s gonna change very soon.

Cat Coccinelle vs Superpowerless – Princess (DDN recommends!) (click to download)

Turn On Your TV feat. Flying Without Wings – Human Electric (DDN recommends!)

Repetition – Cheesy Cliché

E e erase – Tex Taiwan

Give me your money, bastard

See you there!

PS: There is more on their MySpace too.

Pfff…look how these ninjas are getting their butts kicked, how untrue and unrealistic! 😉

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on July 19, 2009.

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