Stop bitchin’: I LOVE TECHNO 2009 drops first names!

Let’s not start about the techno in I LOVE TECHNO (you might know I’m not really a fan of true techno). Looking at the first pack of names, only one thing you can be said:
I LOVE TECHNO 2009 is gonna be massive!

I Love Techno 2009: First names announced

I Love Techno 2009: First names announced

Didn’t we just post the greatest stuff on Boys Noize? (check here)

As we missed out on deadmau5 twice at Sonar, and Dour, this brings a smile upon our faces. Deadmau5 must be the hottest dj/producer on the planet by now. So quite a relief he’s gonna make it back for #ILT09. (Which seems to be the official twitter hash tag, btw)

Bloody Beetroots, what can I say? The Italian Stallions of rave & electro led by Asian/American Kung Fu Master, Mister Steve Aoki, leader of DIM MAK.

Check out this mixtape if you don’t know what we’re talking about:
“What the hell is a DIM MAK?” (click to download)

What the hell is a Dim Mak?

What the hell is a Dim Mak?

Simian Mobile Disco + live set! I have seen this already, but SMB is still amazing! And hard! And therefore: recommended! Not quite convinced by their new singles “Audacity of Huge”, Synthesise” and “10000 Horses Can’t be wrong” from their upcoming 2nd album. But that first album “Attack Decay Sustain Release” is a classic. Every track on that album is a monsta! So bring it on Simian!
(as in Justice vs Simian – We Are Your Friends for the noobs, check this new Kid Legit remix for lovers and haters)

The Proxy
! The best export product from Russian soil since Anna Kournikova! DDN met him (Proxy, not Anna) last year in Antwerp, he’s a young nice guy. Certainly one of the break-through artists of 2008. He’s got plenty of dark tunes and remixes, and don’t forget his latest banger: Who Are You!? (remixed by the Bloody Beetroots)

Auch! WTF is this? It’s the Trumpdisco remix.

Fake Blood: don’t tell me you haven’t heard of ‘Mars’ + a bunch of remixes for The Count & Sinden (Beeper), Hot Chip, Little Boots (remember Elektra? See post Justice label), or their version of Cheap & Cheerful – The Kills and many more.

Buraka Som Sistema: the dance hype from Portugal. Not 100% my piece of cake, but still very hot at the moment.

: nice dj sets with retro, 80’s, rave all-in-one. Another talented kid, but you have to ignore his arrogance on stage and dance to the music.

And last but not least…Don Rimini! Finally! This guy is so…, well whatever…I’m gonna repost the Sonar 2009 video, that should do the trick. Memories, baby! One of the best parties (in 2009) so far!

Can we send a wishlist for part II of the ILT09 name drop? Yes we can! Here it is:

Steve Aoki – Vitalic – Major Lazer – Yuksek – Mixhell – Birdy Nam Nam – Franki Chan – Japanese Popstars – Djedjotronic – Crookers – Toxic Avenger – Hostage – Redial – Kill The Noise – Mustard Pimp – …

And we could go on like this for a while…luckily there will be an extra hour to party (switch to winter time!)…we’re gonna need it!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on July 24, 2009.

One Response to “Stop bitchin’: I LOVE TECHNO 2009 drops first names!”

  1. Thanxs for the Rimini footage – took me right back to the dancefloor …

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