Toxic is dead. But the Toxic Avenger strikes again!

Toxic Avenger is not taking prisoners either.

Toxic Avenger is not taking prisoners either.

Toxic Avenger, one of my favourite dj/producers from la douce France (Paris, baby), signed on iHeartcomix, will release his next EP around September 15th, 2009. And that, my friends, is excellent news.

Toxic hoodies!

Toxic hoodies!

Here is a preview of that EP “Toxic is dead”. And if you’re into lounge and minimal, you’d better duck and hide. ‘Cause this is hard thrash. And still. I’m sure you’re gonna like it once party galore boys like Vitalic, Boys Noize or Mister Aoki’s crew are pumping these beats through the festival/club speakers.

Toxic is dead – Toxic Avenger – 7 min EP Preview (mediafire)

Toxic is dead. EP release on September 15, 09 on iHeartcomix

Toxic is dead. But iHeartcomix is kicking the shit out of your speakers.

Toxic is dead, the long-awaited EP, out on September 15th on iHeartcomix Records, is also the first single of the LP coming early 2010. Remixes to be expected from Drop The Lime, South Central and others. Finally an ‘album’?

A bit old, but Bad Girls Need Love Too

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on August 1, 2009.

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