Simian Mobile Disco @ Pukkelpop + new album

Simian Mobile Disco. Been there, done that, but I’d be happy to see these guys again. Simian Mobile Disco have planned the launch of their new album on August, 17th and 3 days later, they’ll be playin’ at Pukkelpop 2009. So I expect a lot of new tracks + filled with the best of that massive monster album “Attack Decay Sustain Release”.

SMD: Audacity of Huge

SMD: Audacity of Huge

I still can’t believe how underestimated these guys still are. It’s not that they care too much about their looks, and the real live sets (not dj sets) are huge. Say Audacity of Huge, yeah. Uhum, that was a cheap shot.

Check out this rather old XLR8R-video, explaining their live setup. Based on midi-controlling and Ableton. Damn, these guys know what they’re doing.

And now something about the impressive art of Kate Moross, a 23-year old creative mind based in London, and her buddy Jo Apps. They both worked on the video of Audacity of Huge. And much more it seems.

But that’s not all. Kate is actually quite successful. Certainly check out her website:

And if you were impressed by 2ManyDJs, take a look around (that almost sounded like Limp Bizkit). There’s a new wave of ADs & video artists that are making their way to the main stage, which is great. Jo Apps‘s earlier work involved the video for Shit Disco’sOK“. I especially heart this song in the Yuksek remix, so take it away:
OK – Shit Disco (Yuksek)

And here’s the video: yes, analog seems to be the new digital.

Back to Kate Moross. (Go check out her website!) She’s made plenty of cool Tee’s for e.g. La Roux, Les Petits Pilous, SMD,…

La Roux by Kate Moross

La Roux by Kate Moross

Les Petits Pilous by Kate Moross

Les Petits Pilous by Kate Moross

Simian Mobile Disco - the new tees

Simian Mobile Disco - the new tees

Those who read ’til the end always get something extra…

Simian Mobile Disco – 2h live dj set (only 96kps – but hey, it’s a warm-up for Pukkelpop – although this is a DJ set)
and it’s still not too late to buy your ticket!

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on August 11, 2009.

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