Owl Vision attacks with his new EP ‘Darkness’

It’s officially Mother’s Day today in Antwerp, Belgium. I’ll give you an extra reason to scream for your mummy today. Presenting to you: OWL VISION and his new EP Darkness.

Owl Vision - Darkness EP

Yes, we are fan of Owl Vision from Gothenburg, Sweden. He already showed up in the DDN mixtape we’ve posted earlier, and now he bombs us with a new EP.

The EP “DARKNESS” contains the original track, an Owl Vision self-remix, and awesome guest remixes by DISTRAKT and VEKTORKAT. And when I say awesome, I mean a surprisingly fuck-did-I-just-shit-my-pants awesomeness.

AND….they’re up for grabs as free downloads (thanks, Owl Vision!)

What are you waiting for? Take it away!

1. Darkness – Owl Vision (mediafire)

2. Darkness (remix) – Owl Vision (mediafire)

3. Darkness (Distrakt remix) – Owl Vision (mediafire) (DDN recommends)

4. Darkness (Vektorkat remix) – Owl Vision (mediafire)

Shiiit! Owl Vision has also been working on an album, which is planned for a date in the near future.
I honestly don’t know many electronic artists that make me wanna dance AND break stuff, but Owl Vision has it.


Owl Vision EP tracklist - download them all - those remixes are da real shit!
Oh, you are more into art? Well, eat this: Owl Vision art (more on his MySpace)

Owl Vision Art

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on August 15, 2009.

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