Birdy Nam Nam, the sensation of Pukkelpop 2009 #pp09

For many people Steve Aoki was the unknown and rising star of Pukkelpop 2009. And in a way he was. But we, electronic music lovers, know Steve Aoki already for a while. And more, we have a very clear idea of what he is up to. Making Dim Mak the next big (soon to be mainstream) hype, like Pedro did with Ed Banger. But with more screaming rock ‘n’ roll than the Frenchies. And rougher. And tougher. There is no other Steve Aoki. He’s the one and only dominator at the moment! And his boys from the Bloody Beetroots are doing what Justice did for Ed Banger Records. Make no mistake, Dim Mak is here to stay. Aoki left (a part of) his T-shirt in the hands of some wild fans! (imagine Uffie in it if it makes you feel better. Hey! Does Dim Mak have any hot chicks?)

(st)ripped from Baton Rouge Headquarters

But what about 4 extremely talented French (again!) DJs called Birdy Nam Nam, who have been working on that long road since (and even before) 2002, winning DJ contest, etc. Well, they deserve a prize. ‘Cause they’re worth it. The Parachute Ending should ring a bell, if not, shame on a nigga!

Here’s the apotheosis of the Birdy Nam Nam’s live show at Pukkelpop 2009. Watch the crowd go loco (I’m fed up with bonkers by the way) around 2’35” on The Parachute Ending (yes, that’s produced by Justice).

And you know what? I checked some old videos from my 2006 archive. And guess what I found? Birdy Nam Nam playin’ at the Frankfurter Messe in 2006. In front of 5 people and one ninja with a camera. BNN in the early days 😉

Thank your God that they changed style…but it’s nice to watch them show off at the Ecler stand back in the days.

And Yuksek, You Suck! Or send us free tickets for you next show. We waited like 45 minutes before finally getting the message that Yuksek couldn’t find the way to the festival. Whatever, shit happens. His stage was bombed with plastic bottles and beer. Poor roadies.

Yuksek Live, without Yuksek himself that is.

Yuksek Live, without Yuksek himself that is.

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on August 25, 2009.

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