DNN’s Dropbox collection #1

A while ago we told you about the way-too-cool Soundcloud integration in WordPress which was rather spectacular. Since then, several bedroom producers and DJs have dropped some beats in the box. Thanks! So, here’s a first part of the Dropbox collection.

Important: if you drop something in the Soundcloud dropbox, don’t forget to give us share rights, so we can post it like this. (several people kept it ‘private‘)

Lamb And The Lion (Splinters Make Splinters Remix)

Not much info was given, so we tracked them down. From Oxford/Leeds, yes that’s the UK.

O’Spada – Time (Suck Shaft Remix)

The FADER wrote about the track:
“We’ve been obsessed with the glossy synths of Swedish group O’Spada, led by Stockholm vocalist Julia Spada, for a few months, although it seems like much longer considering we’ve played their single “Time” about 94,000 times since we first posted it.”

O’Spada is Swedish. And has a DIY-video and webpage: http://www.ospada.se

So, if you’re up to something very nasty, let us know, post it on our Soundcloud, and if we like it, we’ll put it online.

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on August 26, 2009.

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