Boys Noize – Empower Yourself – video contest! (update)

Remember the great Soulwax Live Documentary. And what about that Justice DVD on Tour in the US. Amazing right? (except that way uncool bottle incident by Xavier, agreed!)
Well…here’s Boys Noize with a phat live show idea!

Boys Noize
is offering his fans a chance to help him out with his video projections show during his live sets (in fact during “Starter“). So get behind your Avid or iMovie and create some visuals/animations that will be played during his upcoming tour!

AND…If your submission makes the cut, you and a friend will be invited down to the show in your town to see it all go down! Not bad, huh?

All submission due October 15th, and all the assets (incl. mp3!) & detailed info can be found right here:

Good luck! And check the video below before you get started!

BONUS – check out Kontact Me – Boys Noize (Magna Remix) that landed in my mailbox.
(download here)

~ by Dirty Disco Ninja on October 2, 2009.

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