Party Trash: Fight Klub (round 2) + mixtape

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Let’s talk party time including the right kind of electro trash. Yes, trash en Belgique. It’s hard to find that kind of parties, unfortunately, but this is a good example!

Fight Klub. Awesome concept! I missed out the first edition due to an eye infection (ain’t that an original excuse), but Round #2 sounds spectacular too. And check out the cool teaser vids!
Party concept & artwork made by our friends from Mashed Paper Klub.

Download Floating’s Fight Klub’s mixatpe
Let’s support these guys!

Ninja Assassin (2009)

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We told you not to mess with the ninja. But you wouldn’t listen.
(embedding is disabled, so click on the youtube link)

Beginners better start off with this one:

More info about the release by the end of 2009, click here.

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan dropping bombs! (+ Flat Eric bonus)

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POWER“, Boys Noize’s latest album has been leaked (partly) all over the place, in case you haven’t got it, google for it, ’cause he’s dropping promo tracks in high quality (some include a “this is a promotional copy”-sample though).

And his partner in crime & mastermind behind the decks, Erol Alkan, is hosting 6 killer shows at  the BBC – 6 Mix Music.
Here’s the lastest one, vol. 2:
That means 4 to go!

And on top, we’ll drop you the Boys Noize Guest Mix on Radio 1.

Download 20 minutes of Boys Noize’s finest rave tunes (right click – save as)

: prepare for le grand retour of Flat Eric. It seems Mr. Oizo is preparing some kung-fu kinda video with Pharrell.

DDN mash-up entering Hypem Top 100 at 91!…42! (updated)

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Dear electro warriors,

It’s a good day today!

Thanks to some unexpected posts of fellow bloggers, a mash-up I made a few months ago surprisingly hit the Hypem charts!

First DDN entry ever in Hype Machine! Thanks to you, boys & girls!

First DDN entry ever in Hype Machine! Thanks to you, boys & girls!

Thanks for your support, and if you have a Hypem account, feel free to click the ‘heart‘ button’ within the next 48 hours, as Hypem only puts your track in their charts for max 72 hours.

Vote here:
You rock! Especially Disco Demons & DJMe

The mash-up eventually ended around his highest position (#42) when it was taken out of the Hypem charts.

BANG! Juliette n’Est Pas Morte, Sterehoes!

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Owl Vision in the middle!

Owl Vision in the middle!

Some guys can ring my doorbell anytime, eventhough I don’t like surprise visits. But Owl Vision is one of those producers who surprise me almost every time. His heavy sound makes me wonder why minimal and trance still haven’t been classified under the ‘old & boring crap‘ section. Feel that energy!

The Sterehoes – Juliette n’Est Pas Morte (Owl Vision Remix 2) has been selected by The Sterehoes as a semi-official remix of the single that comes with a 10-pack of remixes. Congratulations & well done, my friend!

Mr. Owl Vision offers us his -yes!- 2 versions of The Sterehoes “Juliette n’Est Pas Morte”. For free!

The Sterehoes – Juliette n’Est Pas Morte (Owl Vision Remix) –> recommended (although v2 made it as an official one)

The Sterehoes – Juliette n’Est Pas Morte (Owl Vision Remix 2)

Vitalic’s Flashmob: free 12min mix

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Yes, you’ve missed me, admit it! And I missed you, dear music lover. Sorry folks, had to take a quick & unexpected holiday break.

Here’s a small Vitalic gift to make it up. It’s his latest album teaser mix containing several tracks of his upcoming album.

Vitalic - Flashmob (out on 28.09.09)

Vitalic - Flashmob (out on 28.09.09)

Download Flashmob Teaser Mix by Vitalic

And you want a free ringtone too? Go here!

What’s left is a count down for the 28th of September. V-Day! Flashmob day.

Oh, this was a few days ago near Dijon…damn…can’t get enough of that screaming synth sound! Buyaka!

(place de la Libération à Dijon)

Steve Aoki & Zuper Blahq are in the house!

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Dim Mak‘s master of disaster Steve Aoki premiered his video today at

I’m In the House” is Steve Aoki his first single, and contains a guest appearance of the mysterious rapper [[[Zuper Blahq]]]. Check it out!

And? Who’s that Zuper Blahq guy?

Zuper Blahq aka Will.I.Am

Zuper Blahq aka Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas)

Still don’t know who Zuper Blahq is? Well, it’s Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas. Did we spoil the fun? Oops, sorry 🙂

I’m In The House – Steve Aoki & Zupah Blahq